Friday, June 05, 2009

Rajeev Motwani, Stanford Professor and Angel Investor, passed away

I am saddened to find out today that Professor Rajeev Motwani of Stanford passed away suddenly. I can not tell how he passed away as this information is not mentioned in TechCrunch, Venture Beat, or Gigaom that covered this news. I met Rajeev and his wife Asha in 2006 at a the University Cafe on University Avenue in Palo Alto to get to know each other and discuss what we are doing at He impressed me as a very smart academician AND angel investor with good talent for investing in early stage start-up companies. I was also happy to know that he knew some of the same professors at UC Berkeley EECS department where we studied. He invested in many successful start-up companies in Silicon Valley with Google being the most famous and successful. Larry and Sergey were graduate students at Stanford where Rajeev taught computer science. Even after the initial meeting he was very helpful in introducing us to venture capital investors and with other advice. He was a quiet, soft-spoken person who was kind and very thoughtful.

I am reminded of fragility of life and pray that he will rest in peace and that his family will be comforted during this difficult time. I am very sad and I will miss Rajeev.

He is the article on VentureBeat blog.


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Ask how your insurance policy brokerage receives paid for. Should they be on the income, they are likely planning to existing an un-biased viewpoint and are there to help you from the approach. Look out for brokerages that happen to be paid for on percentage only simply because they may not have your very best curiosity at center when giving you that costly insurance policy. [url=]Nike Vintage[/url]
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Make sure that you get copies of your credit history bureau studies, after you have been through a a bankruptcy proceeding to make sure that everything is noted properly. After having a individual bankruptcy, any debts that had been a part of that ought to certainly be shown on your credit score, to be released. Focus on periods, and wait for the bull industry to appear. You must be ready to pounce when situations are about the upswing. If you your homework, you will understand to distinguish each time a keep market place is going to do an about-deal with and go from the other path. Request your insurance agent about offered riders to your life insurance, such as vital disease proper care. This supply may even be included at no more price. It allows the covered to adopt cash off their life insurance coverage coverage well before they die to protect health-related expenditures as well as other expenses in a terminal illness. Social networking is among the most power of your Online. The capacity for customers of various internet sites to talk about made information has made it feasible for information to get distribute more quickly than anybody could possibly have perhaps envisioned. If you want to promote through social networking, then see the pursuing post for advice on suitable social media advertising. As with every other significant decision that impacts your health, you should be sure to talk to your personal doctor relating to your desire to give up smoking. There is a lot your medial provider can do to help you attain your primary goal. Turn to your personal doctor for advice and help to improve the chances of you success. Stop smoking, even when only temporarily. In addition to getting normally poor, smoking cigarettes interferes with the recovery process. If you are intending on having a main plastic surgery, you might like to consider laying off for about 2 months before surgical procedure. Steer clear of tobacco cigarettes for about 2 several weeks after surgical procedure. You are going to repair quicker, and have less scarring.

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When you are thinking of filing personal bankruptcy, think about how you will finished up in your present fiscal straits. Gathering large healthcare facility monthly bills is undoubtedly an clear reason for submitting, but dwelling beyond your signifies will not be. If you're having trouble paying dollars appropriately, then you have to get help with that so you're not going to wind up in exactly the same financial circumstances again after you complete your personal bankruptcy. Be mindful of the items career you end up picking when you have symptoms of asthma. Certain tasks like painters, bakers, overall health workers, and farm staff involve utilizing substances or components that can become worse your symptoms of asthma or lead to an asthma strike. Try to stay with careers that you will be in a wholesome environment throughout the day. When preparing for a stomach tuck procedure, be sure to have what you need for your personal rehabilitation. Several things you need to have readily available for right after your surgical procedure involve cold squeezes, chilly therapy package, as well as a health-related pressure outfit. Make sure the outfit is the one particular your medical professional recommends. Always read the small print to get a payday advance. Some firms fee service fees or even a charges in the event you pay for the personal loan rear early. Other individuals impose a fee if you have to roll the loan up to your next pay out period of time. These are the most common, nevertheless they may cost other hidden service fees or perhaps boost the interest unless you pay punctually. Smoking is definitely an high-priced routine as well as being awful for your health. For many people, nonetheless, even contemplating laying off can feel overpowering. In order to quit smoking however you don't know how to proceed, keep reading. There are lots of solutions to try out if you really want to quit. By exercising, it is possible to enhance your rheumatoid arthritis symptoms in addition to enhance your overall health and fitness. Physical exercise assists in keeping your joint parts relocating plus it strengthens the muscles around your joints. It also stimulates the health of your bones and keeps them powerful. By engaged in every day physical exercise, it will be easy to finish basic day to day activities quicker.

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