Thursday, February 10, 2005 beta launched

It has been a while since I blogged. Things have been really busy for me and getting ready to launch. I am now heading out to our beta launch preview event at Il Fornaio restaurant in Palo Alto to announce our beta launch. After 9 months of hardwork by everyone here at the beta is now launched - it is really exciting! I invite you to check out become beta and let me know what you think. Thank you.



At 12:22 PM, Anonymous Matthew Pry said...


First, I wan to congratulate you on Become. It is a wonderful tool that I have enjoyed using. I too am an avid online shopping and an entrepreneur. In fact, I have developed a new search interface to facilitate the process of gathering and comparing information during the research stage of the buying process. We have since patented the interface and hired an independent research firm to gage the market potential. We received wonderful results from the research conducted. We have been trying to contact a search engine that would be willing to speak with us about providing the back-end results that would be necessary to produce a fully functioning product. I have spent over a year and a half developing this product because it is something I truly believe in and personally would like to use. I believe that Become would be a great fit for our interface and would be capable of bringing a wonderful, useful and most importantly relevant product to the market. I am trying to get it in front of someone at Become to see if there is any interest in speaking further. Would you be willing to take 30 seconds to view our working prototype? Again, congratulations on Become and I wish you all the best.

Matthew Pry


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