Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Senator John McCain at Churchill Club

The lunch talk with Senator John McCain was very exciting. He was very authentic and had strong convictions for himself and the country. He also had a good sense of humor and did not take himself too seriously. I really admired him for his conviction and for standing up for what he believes rather than taking positions based on popularity. I also agree with his perspectives on war on Iraq, immigration bill, and anti-abortion. He really has a very strong leadership that is required for the next administration of this great country. I was also quite impressed that he comes from a family with a long history of serving the country in the Navy and that his own son is in Marine Corp. serving in Iraq. I agree with him that we have a long struggle ahead and that we have to win in this struggle to keep the freedom in the US and abroad. He said that US winning the war is more important than he winning the campaign. I was very impressed and struck by this comment. He is a great leader and I want to support him to become the next president of this great nation. After the talk, I was pleasantly surprised to be interviewed by both San Jose Mercury News and San Francisco Chronicle. I was quoted in both paper's article on Senator McCain's visit to San Jose. Here are the links to the articles:

All in all, it was a very exciting day for me.


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