Thursday, August 09, 2007


I have been playing around with social networking site Facebook and I must say that I really like it a lot. Facebook started out as a college facebook/social networking site but it opened itself to anyone who wants to set up a profile and start to share their information with other friends in the Facebook.

It is a great tool to reconnect with lot of your old friends and colleagues and also to stay in touch with friends asynchronously. Also, I could learn a lot more about people's background, interests, and other information that helps me understand them better. The availability of lot of free applications is also really interesting as they leverage the power of social networks in an engaging way. I could definitely see how more people will spend more time on this type of social network that keep them engaged with friends and groups that they belong to.

One of the early employees of mySimon, Dennis, started mySimon Alumni group on Facebook recently and it has been a blast to reconnect with old friends and colleagues and seeing old pictures and logos. It brought back good old memories which was very nice.

If you have a chance to try it out, go to: and try it out. While you are at it invite me to be your friend and I would be happy to connect with you.



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